Our Inspiration

When you’re a part of a community, you can’t just take from it. You have to give to the community as well.
– Kyle Alan Denham

Kyle Alan Denham touched many lives during his 25 years on this earth.  He was known for his warm, infectious smile, gentle spirit and winning personality. In describing Kyle, one of his close friends said it best, “You just felt better when he was around”.

Kyle was a scholar-athlete at both University Liggett School in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan and Duke University, where he played football and majored in Public Policy and Political Science.  As someone who always had a passion for sports, Kyle aspired to become a sports attorney. He was a successful businessman, who was preparing to leave the sales field in order to pursue a law degree at the time of his passing in June of 2006.

Kyle enjoyed working with people and giving back to the community. He once stated, “When you are part of a community, you can’t just take from the community. You have to give to the community as well.”

Kyle’s life was a gift to those who were fortunate to know him and his spirit lives on through Inspired by Thee. Kyle’s life is our inspiration and by touching the lives of others who inspire, our reach is endless and our impact is immeasurable.


More About Kyle:  Tribute

Kyle is the only student at Duke to take three classes from me. My courses have a reputation for being very challenging, and students usually only take one or two of them. Kyle was deeply interested in U.S. politics and public policy, however, so he signed up for all three. I was impressed by his constant ability to balance academics and football. My favorite memory of Kyle is a personal one. One day I was sitting at the field overlooking the Duke baseball diamond, watching the game with my four-year-old son. Kyle came over to say hello and bent down to talk with my son. Kyle’s smile could generate happiness among adults and children, and by the end of the conversation my son was talking easily with Kyle and smiling. Kyle had a unique gift to make you happy that you were sharing the day with him.

– James Hamilton, Duke University, Professor of Public Policy Studies, Political Science and Economics — Director of Undergraduate Studies, Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy