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Inspired by Thee contributes annually to the Kyle Alan Denham Memorial Scholarship Fund at University Liggett School in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI.

The Kyle Alan Denham Memorial Scholarship was founded in June 2006 to commemorate the vibrant life and contributions of a young man who deeply touched the hearts of all who knew him. Kyle Denham attended Grosse Pointe Woods’ University Liggett School (Grades 1-12) graduating magna cum laude in 1998. He was known for his leadership, academic achievements and love of sports, as well as his commitment to the school.

Upon graduating from ULS, Kyle attended Duke University where he completed dual degrees in political science and public policy studies. He graduated in 2002. He was an outside linebacker on the Duke University Football team for four years. He gave back to the Durham community by participating in the Read with the Blue Devils program. The program gives Duke student-athletes an opportunity to be more visible role models with young people in the local community, and most important, provide inspiration and incentives for thousands of young readers.

After graduating from Duke University, Kyle started a successful career in sales. His ultimate goal, however, was to become a sports attorney. Kyle was preparing to start law school at the time of his tragic passing in an automobile accident, in June of 2006.

The Kyle Alan Denham Memorial Scholarship gives $1,000, renewable scholarships to middle and high school students at University Liggett School who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, strength of character and leadership. Since 2007, 6 students have been awarded $27,000 in Kyle’s memory.

We would like to thank all of the individuals who have contributed to the scholarship fund. Your generosity and dedication to University Liggett School is greatly appreciated. Kyle would be so proud that other young people will have the opportunity to learn, grow and pursue their dreams at such a fine and reputable institution.

Our Goal over the next 5 years is to raise $85,000 for the Kyle Alan Denham Memorial Scholarship at University Liggett School in order to establish an endowment. We need your help.

Reflections from some of the individuals who knew Kyle best:

Kyle Denham represented all that was good about University Liggett School, Detroit and our nation. Whether you were rich or poor, male or female, black or white, an adult or a student, he would be your friend. He was an amazing young man, a joy to all who knew him.”
While teaching social studies over a period of three decades, I sometimes encountered the situation that a younger brother would have difficulty stepping out of the shadow of a high achieving, very responsible older sister. Kyle was certainly an exception. He never missed an assignment, always strove for an A on tests and research projects. He was always a model citizen. He brought his wonderful smile and quiet strength to class each day. He worked well in small group exercises, usually the team leader, but would allow someone else to be the main presenter; a foreshadowing of his strong camaraderie and leadership on the athletic field. Moreover, his early interest in history and politics would continue to intensify leading to his choice of majors at Duke and his early career.”
Kyle was an outstanding example of a human being. I had a deep admiration and respect for him. I think what I will remember most is how he was always smiling and how you just always felt better when he was around. Kyle was such a positive influence on me. No one who knew him will ever forget him.”
No. 88 rising out of the air to intercept that pass in Harper Woods, sealing the victory; that JV team with him on the right wing and Justin Macksoud throwing the pass…the best HS fast break since 1960-61; the smile; where he was standing in my office the last time he came to visit; the bookmark I carry with me all the time, made for the funeral.”
Kyle was a happy, polite, respectful child and young man. As an athlete, Kyle was focused, dedicated and a competitor. He was a team player who understood the importance of being part of something bigger than himself. During his time as a Summer Day Camp counselor, Kyle was gentle and served as a role model for the young campers for whom he was responsible.
I was privileged to work with Kyle for seven years at University Liggett School as a teacher and coach. Kyle was a hard-working young man who exemplified how academics and athletics go hand-in-hand. He was a student of the games of football and basketball. He was a silent assassin on the athletic fields and courts. He observed the weaknesses of the opponent and what they liked to do and then took advantage of it. He was a big part of our athletic success and a fine representative of University Liggett School in both academic and athletic endeavors.
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