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Two of my favorite motivational speakers are Les Brown and Dr. Eric Thomas. Les Brown is a legend. He has been around for many years, but his words of wisdom – his messages – are timeless. Dr. Eric Thomas, who happens to also be from my hometown of Detroit, is known as the Hip Hop Preacher. He has not been around as long, but his story, his personal journey is truly inspiring. He sugarcoats nothing in his delivery as he urges each of us to live our best life, on purpose and never give up when it comes to pursuing our dreams.

I try to listen to or watch motivational videos several times a week. It keeps me focused. Mornings are a great time. I usually listen to them on my way to the gym. Here is a video that features both Les Brown and Dr. Eric Thomas. Please share it with others, especially young people in your life, who are pursuing a dream or a goal, particularly if they are facing some challenges. Words are powerful and you never how they might touch someone in a way that will help take them to the next level in their journey.

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